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For your next event!
We have a range of packages we can offer you.
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For your next event!
We have a range of packages we can offer you.
General Performance

Elevate your event with the soul-stirring Nasheeds by Omar Esa, offering an authentic, engaging performance while enhancing your event’s credibility. 

Wedding Performance

Omar Esa’s mesmerizing Nasheeds infuse your wedding with unmatched devotion, creating an unforgettable, culturally enriching experience for your guests. 

School Workshops

Experience a school Nasheed workshop with Omar Esa that inspires creativity and global awareness, offering a memorable and impactful experience for young minds. 

Production Experience

Elevate your recording experience by collaborating with Omar Esa, an acclaimed Islamic Nasheed artist, and infuse your project with unique musical creativity and expertise. 

Want to Book Omar Esa for a performance or an event?

Experience the power of Omar Esa’s captivating Islamic Nasheeds that will infuse your event with spirituality and inspiration, creating a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

Omar’s deep-rooted passion for his craft and unwavering commitment to Islamic values ensure a heartfelt and engaging performance that resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Booking Omar Esa not only brings exceptional entertainment but also enhances your event by associating with a world-renowned Islamic Nasheed artist, elevating your event’s prestige and credibility.

Wedding Performance by OmaR Esa
Elevate your wedding day with the Islamic-inpspired melodies from Omar Esa, the distinguished Islamic Nasheed artist. As you embark on the beautiful journey of love and commitment, Omar’s harmonious Nasheeds will provide the perfect sonic backdrop, infusing your celebration with an unmatched aura of devotion and bliss. His entrancing vocals and heartfelt renditions will serenade you and your guests, weaving an atmosphere that’s beyond ordinary—an atmosphere where love finds its most profound expression.
Unforgettable Wedding Experience
Omar Esa brings a distinctive blend of spirituality and musical artistry to your wedding, making it an exceptional and culturally enriching experience. By choosing Omar Esa, you’re not merely selecting entertainment; you’re curating a momentous occasion where his transcendent melodies and profound Nasheed messages will leave an indelible mark. Your guests will be captivated by his extraordinary performance, leaving them with cherished memories of a wedding that resonates with spirituality, tradition, and pure joy.

Book your next School Workshop with Omar Esa

Workshop Session

Spark young imaginations with Omar Esa’s engaging Nasheed workshop tailored for schools. Omar Esa combines Islamic musical artistry and cultural enrichment to educate and inspire children, fostering creativity and understanding. Booking Omar Esa guarantees a memorable experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on young hearts and minds.

Studio Session With Omar Esa

Studio Production

Unleash your musical creativity with Omar Esa, the acclaimed Islamic Nasheed artist, during a studio recording session like no other. Collaborate with Omar Esa to transform your ideas into a masterpiece, benefiting from his unmatched expertise and unique islamic musical style. By booking Omar Esa for your studio session, you open the door to a world of musical innovation and artistic growth, ensuring your recording stands out and captivates audiences.

Book Omar Esa
Renowned Islamic Nasheed artist, brings unmatched creativity and expertise to elevate your event, school workshop, and studio recording session, offering unforgettable experiences with a unique cultural touch.
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